In April 2018, the Democracy Initiative selected its second lab, which is focused on combatting corruption and is led by scholars from disciplines across Arts & Sciences and the School of Law. The lab will run for three years and feature new classes, conferences, and research in the field of corruption studies.

Titled the Corruption Laboratory for Ethics, Accountability, and the Rule of Law (CLEAR), the lab is led by Daniel W. Gingerich, associate professor of politics and director of the Quantitative Collaborative; Sandip Sukhtankar, associate professor of economics; David Singerman, assistant professor of history and American studies; Sylvia Tidey, assistant professor of anthropology and global studies; Michael Gilbert, Sullivan & Cromwell Professor of Law; and Deborah Hellman, Massee & Morgan Professor of Law.

The lab focuses on four main categories of research: corruption and its links to political and campaign financing; electoral coercion; the historical political economy of democratic institutions; and corruption and the distortion of markets.

Visit the CLEAR Lab website