The Democracy Initiative is designed to address an urgent need in academia: objective, interdisciplinary, and expansive examination of the broad issues and challenges facing domestic and global democracy.

To achieve its goals, the Initiative is creating a constellation of multi-year, rotating, group democracy labs that promote research, teaching, and engagement with public affairs pertaining to specific issues:

  • trusted, effective, and accountable governing institutions;
  • inclusive and responsible citizenship;
  • fact-based discourse and communications media;
  • sustained economic growth and equal opportunity; and
  • rules-based world order, led by democracies

In addition, the Initiative will serve as the home of a permanent Core Lab that attends to the principles and philosophy undergirding democracy. It will provide an enduring humanistic, philosophical, and artistic foundation, as well as an institutional repository for the vital, time-limited work that takes place among the rotating labs.   

The objective is to study how democracies have fared—and can fare better in the future—in their efforts to achieve legitimacy, stability, civil equality, accountability, prosperity, and resilience in the face of contemporary and historic challenges.

Democracy Labs Structure