As a critical component of the Democracy Initiative, research will be integrated with graduate and undergraduate education and experiential learning at UVA. Students will be able to:

  • participate in labs as members of research teams,
  • secure potential internships in government and NGOs, and  
  • take courses directly linked to individual Democracy Labs

Each lab will bring the complex issues at the heart of its research into the classroom for discussion among first- and second-year undergraduates. The new Forums Curriculum encourages UVA Arts & Sciences undergraduates to fulfill their general education requirements by exploring the critical questions of our time in tailored groups of courses focused on a central theme, topic or problem. Starting Fall 2019, undergraduate UVA students can take democracy-themed Forums in Corruption, Governance and Institutions and in Ideals and Injustice

Our goal is to transform students’ educational experience and, with the benefit of their diverse experiences and perspectives, strengthen the Initiative’s research and engagement in public affairs.