Are Democrats connecting the dots on Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection?

The Deliberative Media Lab's Lana Swartz weighs in.


The UVA Equity Center has announced that it will extend 2020 fellowships by one year, and welcome a new class of 2021 Fell

Co-Director Laurent Dubois discusses Political Turmoil in Haiti on France 24.



Deliberative Media Lab director Siva Vaidhyanathan and William Hitchcok's J-term course, "Democracy in Danger," engaged st

Co-Director Melody Barnes discusses cabinet picks and possible responses to the events of January 6th with Kate Bolduan.

Deliberative Media Lab Director Siva Vaidhyanathan dicusses the role of the Zello app in the Jan. 6th DC riot.

Co-Director Melody Barnes discusses calls for impeachment on CBC.


Memory Project Director Jalane Schmidt featured in the Huffpost piece.


The CLEAR Lab's Deborah Hellman helps explain the 25th Amendment and its relevance to the current moment.

Can the largest media platform in the world ever be made safe for democracy?

A new podcast and curriculum resource from the Trinity Long Room Hub, featuring co-director Melody C. Barnes.

The seven episode podcast covers major events from Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency.


The Deliberative Media Lab's Siva Vaidhyanathan on RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly.


Memory Project Director Jalane Schmidt quoted in this Daily Progress piece.

CLEAR Lab Co-Director Daniel Gingerich discusses the 2020 election on local Charlottesville radio show.

Trump is putting American lives at risk by blocking the transition.


When it comes to President Trump’s refusal to concede, Former Obama Administration Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes s

The Democratic Statecraft Lab's Post-Doctoral Research Associate Justin Schon discusses his latest book on WTJU.

Democracy Initiative Co-Director Melody Barnes discusses presidential transitions on MSNBC in the wake of the 2020 preside

As Wednesday dawned, UVA’s political scholars, like Americans across the country, retrained their eyes – some still bleary

The Democracy Initiative's Student Advisory Council recently hosted an outdoor presidential debate watch event at UVA.


Co-Director Melody C. Barnes discusses the beginning of the presidential transition.

The Memory Project's Jalane Schmidt will join other experts for a discussion about Confederate monuments and the Lost Caus

Melody Barnes discusses the 2020 election and transfer of power with Rosemary Barton and Tim Neftali.

Professor of Politics and Statecraft Lab member John Owen addresses China's effects on the democratic world order.

The Democracy Initiative's Jessica Kimpell Johnson published a new column in The Roanoke Times.

The Memory Project's Jalane Schmidt discusses Confederate statue removal and the consequences of their relocation in the

Associate Professor of Politics and CLEAR lab co-director Daniel Gingerich writes about how politicians utilize local inte

The UVA Equity Center, Youth-Nex and the Madison House have launched a new website as a resource for teachers and families

Professors Laura Goldblatt and Richard Handler wrote this essay in Public Seminar as part of the Democracy & the Pande

The Memory Project's Gillet Rosenblith writes about the effect of Covid-19 on public housing policy in The Washington Post

Deliberative Media Lab Director Siva Vaidhyanathan is quoted in the article.

Todd Sechser, director of the UVA Democracy Initiative's Democratic Statecraft Lab, was interviewed by UVA Today in advanc

Professors Richard Handler and Laura Goldblatt write about the current state of the USPS in Public Seminar.

The UVA Equity Center's Nancy Deutsch, Bonnie Gordon, Ben Allen and Kimalee Dickerson write about education as the foundat

New column by Deliberative Media Lab Director Siva Vaidhyanathan in Wired.

Miller Center CEO and Director William Antholis and UVA student Emma Murphy co-authored an essay on U.S.-China relations f

Professor Daniel Gingerich was interviewed by CBS News about his research into past pandemics and political change.

Co-Director Andrew Kahrl presented his research during this UVA College of Arts & Sciences webinar.

Co-Director Andrew Kahrl appeared on NPR's Where We Live to discuss restricted access to public beaches.

Co-Director Melody Barnes writes about Richmond's Monument Avenue in The Washington Post.

New column by Deliberative Media Lab Director Siva Vaidhyanathan in The Guardian.

Interim Co-Director for Academic Affairs Andrew Kahrl is quoted.

The Deliberative Media Lab's Christopher Ali comments on the federal government's efforts to improve broadband access.

New work by the UVA Equity Center’s Michele Claibourn and Sam Powers is highlighted in the series of articles.

By Deliberative Media Lab director Siva Vaidhyanathan for The Guardian

A former Board of Visitors member and longtime benefactor of the University of Virginia is supporting a series of initiati

Co-Director Melody Barnes appeared with other UVA experts to discuss the state of education in the U.S.

The Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs (RJIA) grants provide support to universities wi

By Deliberative Media Lab director Siva Vaidhyanathan for The Guardian

Per University guidance, all upcoming public events will be postponed or cancelled.

(Arun Sharma/HT PHOTO) Sukhtankar co-authors an op-ed on biometric authentication.

Op-Ed co-authored by Melody Barnes, Democracy Initiative Co-Director for Policy and Public Affairs, and Julian Zelizer of

Beginning this spring, four Charlottesville community leaders will come to Grounds to continue work on their projects addr

Todd Sechser of the Democracy Initiative's Democratic Statecraft Lab discusses the latest development in the U.S.-Iran rel

When the University of Virginia launched its Democracy Initiative two years ago, leaders envisioned a forum for honest con

"When Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, announced on Wednesday that Twitter would no longer host political advertisements, he scored points with those who lament the ways social media platforms have polluted political culture."

The University of Virginia professors launching a research effort studying corruption and its global threats to democracy invited U.S businessman and vocal anti-corruption activist William Browder to share his story.

The University of Virginia Equity Center is welcoming four fellows this year as part of a new initiative to reduce racial

The reason Alejandro Gonzalez made the 40-minute drive Wednesday night from his Greene County home to the Southwood Community Center, south of Charlottesville, was simple:  He dreams of seeing one of his three children go to a four-year college.

The University of Virginia’s Equity Center is stepping in the make the college application process a little easier.

U.S. forces reportedly came under artillery fire from Turkish troops heading into northern Syria last week — another sign of the sudden plunge in U.S. relations with Turkey.

If you ask fourth-year University of Virginia student Misran Dolan what UVA’s Democracy Initiative means to him, he might

The Democracy Initiative’s Corruption Lab for Ethics, Accountability, and the Rule of Law, or CLEAR, will hold a major eve

Professors Deborah Hellman and Michael Gilbert are inaugural scholars in UVA’s Corruption Lab on Ethics, Accountability, a

Dayna Bowen Matthew speaks with volunteer

Dayna Bowen Matthew wants to get universities back to their original purpose, as she sees it, and the University of Virgin

The Democracy Initiative’s Corruption Laboratory for Ethics, Accountability, and the Rule of Law (CLEAR) is debuting a new

Bill Clinton

Just more than 200 years ago, three U.S. presidents gathered to lay the cornerstone for the University of Virginia, a place they hoped would educate the future leaders of their fledgling democracy.

Todd Sechser and Siva Vaidhyanathan

Politics professor Todd Sechser and media studies professor Siva Vaidhyanathan will direct the two newest labs for interdisciplinary research sponsored by the University of Virginia’s Democracy Initiative.


$2.95 million to support the Democracy Initiative, an interdisciplinary teaching, research and engagement effort announced last year to bring together a diverse range of scholars, government leaders and practitioners.


20 new Research Professorships in Democracy and Equity to examine underlying causes that fueled the violent white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville and at UVA on Aug. 11 and 12, 2017.

Melody Barnes

Melody Barnes – White House veteran, co-director of UVA’s Democracy Initiative and the first African-American to lead Monticello’s board – discusses her White House tenure, Aug. 11 and 12 and Jefferson’s legacy at his home and university.

Melody Barnes, Bill Antholis, Ian Baucom

Co-director and White House veteran Melody Barnes, Miller Center director William Antholis and College of Arts & Sciences Dean Ian Baucom discuss UVA’s ambitious goal to answer the most essential questions facing democracy today.

Melody Barnes

The effort will bring together a diverse range of scholars, government leaders and practitioners to study and advance the prospects of democracy around the world.